Employment Generation

Thousands of retailers across the country earn a livelihood or a significant second income by further distributing our services in their neighborhood. They sharpen their competitive edge against the organised retail chains by providing their customers basic / essential services through our platform. A top earner has earned over Rs 1,25,000/- in one month and many earn thousands every month.

Financial Inclusion

Bank Mitra facilitated more than 75,000 MNREGA Government subsidy beneficiaries to open accounts and receive subsidies from the Indian government through our franchise network. Our ecosystem helped the franchisees earn a commission, the government to disburse subsidies while saving millions of Rupees lost in transit and helped the unprivileged get access to basic banking services.

Go Green

We have pursued and convinced many Indian service providers to allow issuance of digital receipts (sms/e-mail) instead of paper prints. Our network of retailers are always encouraged, and sometimes incentive for using digital receipts vs. print outs for bill payments, air & rail bookings etc.

Time Saved

Time is inarguably the most precious resource and that's what we help customers to save, besides many others. Our service has become an integral part of the consumer's life across the Indian demography, in the rural due to lack of infrastructure and metros due to the fast paced city life. The customer doesn’t have to wait in the tiresome queues or commute to counters of different service providers to access basic essential services.